If you would like to have your writing or recipes seen and enjoyed on Poverty Food, please send your submissions to with Poverty Food in the subject line.  Please familiarize yourself with the spirit of Poverty Food. We are about celebrating simple food and cuisine and how people have survived for milenia on next to nothing yet have created incredible cuisines despite economic want and environmental challenges. Poverty Food is about respecting the simple life as a way of life either through choice or circumstance. It is about being proud of one's heritage and lifestyle however humble and being proud of the wonderful world cuisines born out of them. Submissions should be sent in the body of the email whenever possible and can be submitted in either English or French. We are striving to be a bilingual and eventually multi-lingual site.

Recipes should be creative, inspired and able to be replicated for as low cost as possible. We realize that regional or cultural availability of products or ingredients in some dishes may not always make this a feasible goal. For instance the availability of an Asian spice may be more difficult to acquire in Boise than in Beijing. That's ok. We love the exotic at Poverty Food! Please include a one paragraph description of the recipe from a cultural or personal memoir perspective. Either metric or US measurements are accepted.

Articles, essays, etc should be appealing to all, just like the cuisine. Please be down to earth. There is difference bewteen sophisticated and snobbish. Sophisticated in our world means being respectful of all cultures and their cuisines and in real food as this is what real people eat. Elitist food and wine snobs please stay away. We would much rather hear about a good micro brew and humble farm meals over the latest pairing of wine and fois gras...unless the wine is cheap and cheerful and the fois gras home made. Or the fois gras cheap and cheerful and the wine home made...

Writers are welcome to talk about things beyond food. Past articles have discussed things like solar ovens, poverty in Paris and other topics that bring it all together from a human perspective.

At this time we are not able to compensate writers or cooks for their recipes monetarily, but you will receive a byline and a hearty thank you!

Photographers and video editors are also very welcome to submit.  Photos should be submited in jpg. Lastly, creative writers, poets, artists and food lovers of all sorts are welcome to submit their
food-centric works. We will do our best to find a place for them here.

Many thanks in advance for your creativity!

Poverty Food.
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