Poverty Food is a blog dedicated to all of those people all around the world who have created incredible and admirable food and cuisine in the midst of want, need and adversity.

Our goal is to talk about the great food and cuisine which have been born of poverty as well as through war, famine and economic depression. Tough times have created some of the most creative things!  We honor resourcefulness and creativity here. We will honor the food, cuisines, recipes and the people who have created them. We will enjoy making and eating some of these same dishes ourselves. Poverty Food is a celebration of creativity, survival and the appreciation of life!

We will also enjoy the concept of Poverty Food in the Arts...the odd poem or essay...a photograph or painting...as well as Poverty Food in literature and film. In addition, wherever there is an innovation in poverty food, Poverty Food will cover it, like solar ovens...

Wherever the world of poverty food is to be found and savoured, we will be there!

Enjoy your meal!