Saturday, October 12, 2013

Color and Novelty

Another trip to the market today and without fail, I always find something new and different to cook up.Perhaps its something seasonal. Perhaps something I have never tried before. Or maybe something so colorful I can't resist it!

Vibrant multi-colored peppers, shiny red cabbages, green tomatoes, ocher turnips, blue potatoes, lavender-speckled scotch name just a few. How many new or colorful foods do you incorporate into your weekly menus?  If you have a tendency to remain with the same staple products, not mention color palette,  week after week, shock your taste buds and decorate your table and try something new and colorful!

Some heirloom type products can be pricey in certain regions of the country. But choosing a new vegetable or fruit by color or novelty for your menu and diet does not have to break your budget. Don't go nuts and buy 5 pounds of something! Just try one new item...ideally when they are on sale at your farmers market or grocery store. For instance, try a red cabbage in a new way or stuff a new type of pepper you find. Make some blue mashed potatoes to go with your chicken or a big batch of chili with those scotch beans instead of creative and enjoy the novelty and the nutrition. But always remain in your budget!

Here is a great recipe from the All website for Braised Red Cabbage... so simple and scrumptious!     Chef-Johns-Braised-Red-Cabbage 

Please submit your recipes to Poverty Food, Prosperity Home. We will feature them along with your photo and memories about the dish. And be sure to make it colorful!

Eat simply, eat well!